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We have an unforgettable experience in the spring of 2020, ICBDA suddenly have to move the conference online in light of the social distancing recommendations and global restrictions on travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However ICBDA2020 is an unforgettable, grand online remote academic discussion conference.

鉴于COVID-19在世界范围内的流行,ICBDA 2020 不得不以在线网络会议的形式召开。但同时,这也是一场难忘的,盛大的学术会议。

Opening Remark: Prof. Steven Guan
(Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China)
Welcome Address: Prof. Minghui Shi
(Xiamen University, China )
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Hui LEI (雷晖教授) - IEEE Fellow
Futurewei Technologies, USA 
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Zhu Han (韩竹教授) - IEEE Fellow
University of Houston, USA  
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Guoliang Li (李国良教授)
Tsinghua University, China (清华大学)  
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Heng Tao SHEN (申恒涛教授)
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China (电子科技大学)  
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Hayato YAMANA
Waseda University, JAPAN (日本早稻田大学)  
Invited Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Chutisant Kerdvibulvech
National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand 
Excellent Oral Presentation Winners
Session I: Soft Computing
(BAI20-514) Title: Unsupervised Bilingual Sentiment Word Embeddings for Cross-lingual Sentiment Classification
Presenter: Chunyu Ma, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(BUPT), China  
Session II: Cloud Computing and Smart Computing
(BAI20-243) Title: Privacy Preserving Calculation in Cloud using Fully Homomorphic Encryption with Table Lookup
Presenter: Ruixiao Li, Waseda University, Japan  
Session III: Machine Learning
(BAI20-266) Title: An Ensemble Framework for Spam Detection on Social Media Platforms
Presenter: Junzhang Wang, New York University, USA  
Session IV: Data Analysis and Calculation
(BAI20-504) Title: Food Volume Estimation Based on Reference
Presenter: Wenjie Sun, Ocean University of China, China  
Session V: Data Representation and Data Modeling
(BAI20-233) Title: Evaluation of Hierarchical Structures for Time Series Data
Presenter: Ruizhe Ma, Shanghai University of Electric Power, China  
Session VI: Data Mining and Clustering Algorithms
(BAI20-240) Title: An Ensemble Framework for Spam Detection on Social Media Platforms
Presenter: Ju Ting Wang, Tsinghua Berkeley Shenzhen Institution, China  
Session VII: Intelligent Identification System and Technology
(BAI20-532) Title: RCS-Based Flight Target Recognition using Deep Networks with Convolutional and Bidirectional GRU Layers
Presenter: Yuexing Peng, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China  
Session VIII: New Generation Neural Network and Algorithm
(BAI20-226) Title: Prediction of short-term stock prices based on EMD-LSTM-CSI neural network method
Presenter: Yuze Xuan, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China 
Session IX: Intelligent Information System and Application
(BAI20-211) Title:A LSTM Network-based Learners’ Monitoring Model for Academic Self-efficacy Evaluation Using EEG Signal Analysis
Presenter: Junqi Guo, Beijing Normal University, China  
Session X: Image Analysis and Processing-1
(BAI20-536) Title: Deep-Learning-Based Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy on Fundus Photography Using EfficientNet
Presenter: Zilin Zhang, Shenzhen University, China  
Session XI: Image Detection
(BAI20-540) Title: Research on a Miss Distance Measurement Method Based on UAV
Presenter: Zhi Wang, Naval University of Engineering, China  
Session XIII: Image Analysis and Processing-2
(BAI20-296) Title: Graph Regularized Unsupervised Deep Hashing for Large Scale Image Retrieval
Presenter: Shuying Yu, Beijing Institute of Technology, China  
Session XIV: Mathematical Modeling and Calculation
(BAI20-2100) Title: Hybrid Encoding-based Model for Chinese Reading Comprehension
Presenter: Zongyun Yang, University of Chinese Academy of Science, China  
Session XV: Big Data Science and Key Technologies
(BAI20-227) Title: Anomaly Detection by Using Streaming K-Means and Batch K-Means
Presenter: Yanghui Zhou, Ningbo HollySys Intelligent Technologies Cooperation, China  
Session XVI: Communication and Information System
(BAI20-571) Title: Ant Colony Algorithm Based Routing Protocol in Software Defined Vehicular Networks
Presenter: Deshang Kong, Nantong University, China  
Session XVII: Data Communication and System Analysis
(BAI20-218) Title: LTE Network Quality Analysis Method Based on MR Data and XGBoost Algorithm
Presenter: Qiang Zhou, China Mobile Communications Group Fujian Co., Ltd., China  
Session XVIII: Management Science and Service
(BAI20-206) Title: Application of Deep Q-Network in Portfolio Management
Presenter: Yuan Gao, Xi'an Jiaotong-liverpool University, China  
Session XIX: Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Control Technology
(BAI20-548) Title: Research on Intelligent Robot Engine of Online Customer Services Based on Knowledge Graph for Ubiquitous Internet of Things in Electricity
Presenter: Hong Lin, State Grid Information & Telecommunication Group Co., Ltd., China  
Session XX: Computer and Electronic Information Technology
(BAI20-234) Title: Signature Extraction in Electricity Demand Data Using Time Series Similarity Search
Presenter: Xueqi Dai, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China