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IEEE ICBDA2024 @ Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

The 9th International Conference on Big Data Analytics (ICBDA) was successfully held on March 16-18, 2024, at the International Conference Center, Waseda University, Japan. The conference attracted 150 participants from 22 countries and regions who engaged in discussions and exchanges on topics related to big data analytics, fostering a rich academic atmosphere.

Group Photo of ICBDA2024

Opening Remark
Conference Cahir - Prof. Sheng-Uei Guan 
Welcome Address
Conference Cahir - Prof. Hayato Yamana 

Keynote Speaker - Prof. Xingquan (Hill) Zhu (IEEE Fellow) | Florida Atlantic University, USA 


Keynote Speaker - Prof. Kazue Sako | Waseda University, Japan 


Invited Speaker - Dr. Daniel Berrar | The Open University, UK & Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan 

Session 1 Best Presenter Nanpeng Yu   Session 1 Group Photo  Session 2 Best Presenter Chia-Chi Wu  Session 2 Group Photo 
Session 3 Best Presenter Birk Martin Magnussen  Session 3 Group Photo  Session 4 Best Presenter P K Navin Shrinivas  Session 4 Group Photo 
Session 5 Best Presenter Chun-Hsing Ho  Session 5 Group Photo  Session 6 Best Presenter Ziyan Zhu  Session 6 Group Photo 
Session 7 Best Presenter Desmond Fomo  Session 7 Group Photo  Session 8 Best Presenter Narges Dadkhah  Session 8 Group Photo 
Session 9 Best Presenter Wayan Mahardhika Wijaya  Session 9 Group Photo  Session 10 Best Presenter Garrett Blum  Session 10 Group Photo 
Session 11 Best Presenter David Roy Nelson  Session 11 Group Photo  Session 12 Best Presenter Zheyuan Tian  Session 12 Group Photo 
Session 13 Best Presenter Zhuoer Xu  Session 13 Group Photo  Session 14 Best Presenter Yu Liang  Session 14 Group Photo 
Session 15 Best Presenter Rushabh Musthyala  Session 15 Group Photo  Session 16 Best Presenter Yanyun Mao  Session 16 Group Photo 

Please download the ICBDA2024 photos here